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3 Ways To Make Your Property the Ideal Home for Potential Buyers

"Home is the nicest word there is."  - Laura Ingalls Wilder

Your vacant property is on the market, and you NEED it to sell!  How can you make sure your house stands out from all the other properties being shown to prospective buyers?  The key is to make it feel like home - the ideal home!  

The vacant house is actually easier to stage than the occupied home.  Let's face it - it is hard to "depersonalize" when everything you have surrounded yourself with is personal!  However, the empty property presents potential problems.  Here are the top three, and ways the professionals at GroundSwell Design Co. will solve them.

1.  Empty rooms appear smaller than they actually are.  No one wants "small."  In just about every episode of HGTV's House Hunters, you will hear the buyers say, "I wonder if our furniture will fit in this room?"  GroundSwell Design Co. can make that a question for TV only, not for folks walking through your property!

2.  Buying a home is an emotional experience.  It's not just based on location and price.  A buyer must be able to see themselves living a good life there. The pros at GroundSwell skillfully use artful details that appeal to the emotional side of the home-buying decision.

3.  Address awkward areas.  Most homes have them!  After you move out, they can become glaring!  GroundSwell's stagers know how to play up and play down awkward areas so they become a non-factor in the buying decision. 

If your empty property needs to appear bigger, needs to make an emotional connection with potential buyers, or needs awkward areas addressed,  call us!  It's the first step to making your property into the ideal home buyers are looking for!  904.372.3023.