Why We Became Stagers

What if you had the time and resources to be officially trained and certified in something you are good at doing, something you absolutely love?  That's what happened to us!   

My first experience with staging came via friends who owned a lovely home on the Intracoastal Waterway that just wasn't selling.  They had bought the home because of the fabulous view out the back windows, but potential buyers wanted more.  Once they moved out, the empty home appeared to have a few undefined rooms as well as an unusual layout.  Their realtor suggested staging, and actually paid for it herself.  She recouped the worthwhile investment at the closing.  The well-priced waterfront home, in a very desirable neighborhood, had no offers for two months prior to being staged.  After it was professionally staged, my friends' home sold in two weeks!  

Amber Snyder, blessed with the same eye for design, was first awakened to the impact of staging when she and her husband Lucas were house hunting.  They were shown a property with potential to be their future home.  It had a lot of wonderful features, however, the "flippers" had created a living space that made it hard to imagine how to arrange furniture.  The house had been on the market for awhile before the owner decided to have it staged.  Amber and Lucas' realtor showed them the house a second time, after it had been staged, and what a difference the staging made!  They put an offer in immediately, and the home is now theirs.

We were both presented with the opportunity to attend Transformations Staging & ReDesign School, enabling us to turn our natural inclination for styling and design into a second career. Having had these experiences, becoming certified design professionals was an easy choice for us, and we love helping people sell their homes quicker and for more money!

Getting ready to sell your home?  You need a professional stager.  Here are the top four reasons to call GroundSwell Design Co for all of your staging needs.