Two Types of Staging

GroundSwell Design Co is equipped to help you with vacant home staging as well as staging your lived-in home for the sales market.

Have you ever left an empty house thinking, "I'm just not sure my sofa would fit and leave enough room for end tables in the living room."  Even more common is whether your dining set or bedroom furniture will fit the space.

Empty rooms actually appear smaller than they are.  Appropriate furnishings provide scale and start the wheels turning for how our own well-loved stuff will fit the home. Most people cannot imagine how a room could look, so a sale is left to their imaginations. Prospective buyers have plenty on their mind when touring your empty home - don't leave furniture arrangement to their imaginations and ultimately sway their decision.  

If you are living in your home during the sale process, it is just as beneficial to let GroundSwell Design Co. edit and rearrange your furnishings.  We know a seasoned stager who wisely hired a stager when she and her husband put their home on the market, even though she has been in the staging business herself for the past 25 years.  It's extremely difficult and next to impossible to edit your own "stuff," because you love it and think it's all very beautiful and meaningful. However, in order to compete in the buyers market, homes staged to sell must look different than the way you maintain it on a daily basis, even if you are an immaculate homemaker.

A survey conducted by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp. found that staged homes typically sell 6% ABOVE the asking price and spend HALF the time on the market when compared to unstaged homes. 

GroundSwell Design Co will use your lovely furnishings to stage the home while you continue to live there, or we will help potential buyers see themselves in your currently empty property. Call us today for a quicker sale at a higher price!