Color of the Year

The color palette you choose for your home is personal.  So how to respond to the annual "color of the year" announcement?  The choice is yours.  

Maybe you are ready for a huge change and the color happens to be your favorite.  Maybe you love what you have going on in your home, but like to freshen and fluff the nest in small yet pleasing ways.

Here in North Florida, we are blessed with year-round greenery, but we do visit places where it's gray and white for weeks and months at the time.  The effect of bringing green into your home may be more dramatic in some parts of the country than others, but it is no less cheery.   

If you like to stay on trend, now is the time to embrace the designated color choice and consider how you will make it a part of your home.  If "greenery" provides what it promises, I definitely want to stay on trend.  How about YOU?