4 Tips To Create The Ultimate Masculine Home Office!

Thanks to the enviable trend of a flexible work environment and self-employment, creating a space that is functional, comfortable and appealing is of the upmost importance for a home office.  For this design project, the homeowner requested a multi-functional space that combined traditional, masculine style while still being comfortable and inviting.

 4 tips for creating a personalized, masculine home office:

 1. Think Masculine.  Rich colored accents, genuine leather and a mix of wood and metals are sure to attain a traditional, masculine style.





2. Personalize. Incorporate personal style by adding in tasteful pieces of sports memorabilia, hobbies or interests. 

The homeowners' love of Harley Davidson Motorcycles was incorporated by displaying his valued Harley ornament collection and transforming unique Harley Davidson Motorcycle Blueprints into art.

The homeowners' love of Harley Davidson Motorcycles was incorporated by displaying his valued Harley ornament collection and transforming unique Harley Davidson Motorcycle Blueprints into art.

3. Invest in a great chair.  Hours upon hours are spent in that chair so do not sacrifice comfort! This genuine leather Pottery Barn chair was worth every dime and will last for years to come.





4. Add pops of color like greens and blues to brighten and soften up the space.


You won't mind getting work done in a home office with a thoughtful, livable design that reflects your personal style.  

Designer Tips - Mix it Up

Add character and variety to your space by mixing it up! Try mixing pattern and textures, old with new, expensive with inexpensive - all helping to make your home more livable.

Designer Tips - Utilize Mirrors

Struggling with a dark room? Try decorative mirrors to help amplify existing light, to brighten the room and make the space more livable.

Designer Tips - When in doubt, throw it out.

Tuesday Design Tip! - Declutter - When in doubt, throw it out! Fending with a small cramped space? Try decluttering your items, and usage of softer lighter colors to help the space feel larger and more livable.


What NOT to do When Hiring A Stager

Let's say you have made the wise decision to hire a professional stager.  You decided this based upon the facts associated with the success of staging - Staged homes sell 98% faster and for more money than non-staged homes.  

The stager comes to your home and later provides with you with a detailed report of what should be done to optimize your sale.  The best staging reports will include items the homeowners can take of along with a detailed list of what the staging company will provide.  

Now comes the tricky part.  As the homeowner, you can review the report and say, "That's ridiculous," followed by "I'm not doing that."   Or, "I'll do number 2 and number 6 of the stagers' recommendations, but I'm not doing any of the other 10."   

This is an example of What NOT to do!  

You hired a professional who most definitely wants to help you get the most money in the least amount of time for your home.  You should take their advice!  Look at the stager as a fresh, new pair of eyes, seeing the things you take for granted, things that you don't even notice anymore.   It takes a level of faith, just as it does with any professional you hire to do a job for you., but it will optimize your investment.   In reality, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 

To make the most of your decision to stage with a professional, go in with the mindset that you are going to do what they suggest.  If you do, the rewards you reap will speak for themselves. 



3 Ways To Make Your Property the Ideal Home for Potential Buyers

"Home is the nicest word there is."  - Laura Ingalls Wilder

Your vacant property is on the market, and you NEED it to sell!  How can you make sure your house stands out from all the other properties being shown to prospective buyers?  The key is to make it feel like home - the ideal home!  

The vacant house is actually easier to stage than the occupied home.  Let's face it - it is hard to "depersonalize" when everything you have surrounded yourself with is personal!  However, the empty property presents potential problems.  Here are the top three, and ways the professionals at GroundSwell Design Co. will solve them.

1.  Empty rooms appear smaller than they actually are.  No one wants "small."  In just about every episode of HGTV's House Hunters, you will hear the buyers say, "I wonder if our furniture will fit in this room?"  GroundSwell Design Co. can make that a question for TV only, not for folks walking through your property!

2.  Buying a home is an emotional experience.  It's not just based on location and price.  A buyer must be able to see themselves living a good life there. The pros at GroundSwell skillfully use artful details that appeal to the emotional side of the home-buying decision.

3.  Address awkward areas.  Most homes have them!  After you move out, they can become glaring!  GroundSwell's stagers know how to play up and play down awkward areas so they become a non-factor in the buying decision. 

If your empty property needs to appear bigger, needs to make an emotional connection with potential buyers, or needs awkward areas addressed,  call us!  It's the first step to making your property into the ideal home buyers are looking for!  904.372.3023.  


3 Reasons Appearance is EVERYTHING!

Say it isn't so!  We've all heard our mama's say, "don't judge a book by it's cover," and for most of life's decisions, we should heed that sage advice.  The exception?  When selling our home.

According to Barb Schwarz, Founder and Chairwoman Emeritus of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, "Staging is preparing a home for sale so the buyer can mentally move in."  Staging creates a cover for the book you wish to sell; in this case, the "book" is your home.  Here are 3 reasons appearance is everything when it comes to selling your home.

1.  Staging is for the potential buyers, not you!  We will showcase your homes finest features, helping potential buyers envision themselves as the new homeowners.

2.  Staging breathes new life into a home.  While we love the "lived in" feel of our homes, potential buyers want something fresh and new.  

3.  Staging utilizes the power of color.  Research shows that 93% of consumers place visual appearance and color above other factors when making their purchase choice.  

By allowing your home to be professionally staged, you give yourself an edge over the competition. New life is breathed into your well-loved, much-lived-in home, helping buyers see themselves living there.  The power of color is harnessed through art and accessories, making your home's appearance stellar. 

Our staging report starts at the curb and covers your entire property, because when it comes to staging your home to sell, APPEARANCE IS EVERYTHING!  

Ready to put staging to work for you?  Call us at 904.372.3023 or email GROUNDSWELLDESIGNCO@GMAIL.COM


Why We Became Stagers

What if you had the time and resources to be officially trained and certified in something you are good at doing, something you absolutely love?  That's what happened to us!   

My first experience with staging came via friends who owned a lovely home on the Intracoastal Waterway that just wasn't selling.  They had bought the home because of the fabulous view out the back windows, but potential buyers wanted more.  Once they moved out, the empty home appeared to have a few undefined rooms as well as an unusual layout.  Their realtor suggested staging, and actually paid for it herself.  She recouped the worthwhile investment at the closing.  The well-priced waterfront home, in a very desirable neighborhood, had no offers for two months prior to being staged.  After it was professionally staged, my friends' home sold in two weeks!  

Amber Snyder, blessed with the same eye for design, was first awakened to the impact of staging when she and her husband Lucas were house hunting.  They were shown a property with potential to be their future home.  It had a lot of wonderful features, however, the "flippers" had created a living space that made it hard to imagine how to arrange furniture.  The house had been on the market for awhile before the owner decided to have it staged.  Amber and Lucas' realtor showed them the house a second time, after it had been staged, and what a difference the staging made!  They put an offer in immediately, and the home is now theirs.

We were both presented with the opportunity to attend Transformations Staging & ReDesign School, enabling us to turn our natural inclination for styling and design into a second career. Having had these experiences, becoming certified design professionals was an easy choice for us, and we love helping people sell their homes quicker and for more money!

Getting ready to sell your home?  You need a professional stager.  Here are the top four reasons to call GroundSwell Design Co for all of your staging needs.  

Two Types of Staging

GroundSwell Design Co is equipped to help you with vacant home staging as well as staging your lived-in home for the sales market.

Have you ever left an empty house thinking, "I'm just not sure my sofa would fit and leave enough room for end tables in the living room."  Even more common is whether your dining set or bedroom furniture will fit the space.

Empty rooms actually appear smaller than they are.  Appropriate furnishings provide scale and start the wheels turning for how our own well-loved stuff will fit the home. Most people cannot imagine how a room could look, so a sale is left to their imaginations. Prospective buyers have plenty on their mind when touring your empty home - don't leave furniture arrangement to their imaginations and ultimately sway their decision.  

If you are living in your home during the sale process, it is just as beneficial to let GroundSwell Design Co. edit and rearrange your furnishings.  We know a seasoned stager who wisely hired a stager when she and her husband put their home on the market, even though she has been in the staging business herself for the past 25 years.  It's extremely difficult and next to impossible to edit your own "stuff," because you love it and think it's all very beautiful and meaningful. However, in order to compete in the buyers market, homes staged to sell must look different than the way you maintain it on a daily basis, even if you are an immaculate homemaker.

A survey conducted by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp. found that staged homes typically sell 6% ABOVE the asking price and spend HALF the time on the market when compared to unstaged homes. 

GroundSwell Design Co will use your lovely furnishings to stage the home while you continue to live there, or we will help potential buyers see themselves in your currently empty property. Call us today for a quicker sale at a higher price!